Nashville Nights

I climb the concrete steps to the entrance and am greeted by Aric and John, the lead singer and lead guitarist of my favorite band, The Brevet. They stand as I reach the landing, offering hugs and hellos. In the cool Nashville air, a storm brewing on the horizon, we reminisce about meeting on this very landing several years ago.

I hand over $12 to the skinny bouncer and head inside to grab a beer before the show. There is another band playing, so I go out to the patio, escaping the crowd inside. Under a ceiling of thousands of string lights, I find David and Julian, the drummer and bassist, and the final two members of the band I’ve driven 100 miles to see.

The Basement, Nashville, TN

We finish our beers, toss the empties in the trash can, and head back inside. The first band has finished and the stage is sadly empty. I find the bar, add another bottle to my tab, and grab a seat at a table in the front row.

David sets up his drum kit while John unwinds cords for his various instruments. Aric checks his mic and Julian plucks his bass as the crowd fills the small black room. It’s dark inside, illuminated by lamps with orange bulbs. Hundreds of band, business, and brewery stickers litter the walls, bar, and ceiling.

The white stage lights dim and change color, illuminating everything in red as the first notes pierce the air. The show starts with Locked and Loaded, a high-energy rock song that everyone loves.

the brevet - aric

Drum beats fill the space, like 100 collective heartbeats. Everyone claps along and I sing the lyrics, pretending I have talent. Luckily, the music is loud enough and I’ll never be heard. I pull out my phone to record a few of songs, rocking the table and spilling my beer.

The last song played is called So Long, a fitting title to close the show. The crowd cheers as the red lights fade to bright white and the stage falls silent. Another great show is in the books, but if you ask me, it was too short!

the brevet - aric and john

After closing the bar tab, I walk toward the door. The band talks with their loyal listeners in the small entrance room crowded with people, gear, and the merch table. With another 100 mile drive ahead of me and today turning into tomorrow, I regretfully say my goodbyes with the promise of seeing each other during their next visit to Nashville.