Muscle Shoals Sound Studio

Discovering Dixie's Guide to Muscle Shoals Sound Studio

When you think of music hubs in the South, Nashville and Memphis come to mind, but few know about Muscle Shoals in northwest Alabama.  The Muscle Shoals Sound Studio is home to some of the greatest songs ever recorded.

Artists such as Bob Dylan, Bob Segar, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Rod Stewart, Art Garfunkel, Willie Nelson, and Cat Stevens recorded hits at the Muscle Shoals Sound Studio during it’s operation from 1969-1978.  My personal favorite just might be Wild Horses by The Rolling Stones!

Located at 3614 Jackson Highway in Sheffield, Alabama, the Muscle Shoals Sound Studio has been fully restored to her former glory and can be toured for only $15.

The first record released by the studio was Cher’s debut solo album, called 3614 Jackson Highway and featured a shot of the front of the building with the album title superimposed on the stone.  This cover art inspired the current building sign and can still be seen today over the front entrance.

Cher's 3614 Jackson Highway Album Cover

the current sign on the building, inspired by Cher

the lounge in the basement

the lounge in the basement

this secret bar was installed so the musicians could still imbibe when the conservative south didn't approve

The Rolling Stones on the back porch
Sage and I on the back porch!
the receipt for recording Wild Horses

The studio is still in use today, recording more incredible music.  For more information and tour times, be sure to check out