600-Mile Yard Sale

The 600-Mile Yard Sale has been on my mama’s to-do list for a long time and this year it finally worked out.  Treasure hunting is a skill we share and love, so it was special to have this weekend together.

The first weekend in August features sales along 690 miles of rural highway from Gadsden, Alabama to Addison, Michigan.

600 Mile Yard Sale Route
courtesy of 127yardsale.com

We started our 600-mile yard sale journey in Chattanooga and headed south.  The route from Chattanooga to Gadsden is a mess of twists and turns on different rural highways.  The directions are quite difficult to follow as you can’t put a destination in the map on your phone.  There are no signs pointing the correct way, so we got turned around and frustrated many times.  Once north of Chattanooga, Highway 127 will take you all the way to Michigan, so it should be smooth sailing from there!

I expected miles of sales set up on the side of the highway, large parking lots bursting with treasures, flea market style.  And even though we found a few of those during our trek, most were off the highway, set up in people’s yards.  Since there are no set times for the sale, it can be frustrating to follow the signs and find the tables covered and the tents unattended.

Since it rained most of the day, we were lucky to stumble upon several sales inside roadside buildings.

600-Mile Yard Sale

There was food, furniture, lots of clothing, baby items, books, and antiques.  Anything you’d expect to find at a yard sale, you could find here.  We had a blast searching out the best deals, finding hidden treasures, and exploring together.  The rural highways were stunning, especially in the dappled overcast light.

Rural Georgia Highway

This would be a great getaway for anyone looking for adventure, a road trip, and bargain hunting.  I hope this is a tradition I can keep up with my mom, picking a new starting point each year!

For more information, see http://www.127yardsale.com!